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But The Feeling Remains

2011 - Los Angeles, California
Independent Release - But The Feeling Remains (Mastering by: Stan Ruffo)
Bob "Pacemaker" Newham is back with 17 new and outstanding tracks on this CD! All tunes are either written by or co-written by Bob Newham. The CD features many well known players, as well as lesser known but no less outstanding players. Among those contributing performances to the CD are Anastasia Thorsen, San Pedro Slim, Henry Carvajal, Frank Tutwiler, Kevin Scull, Art Crantz, and the late Marco Fiume, to whom the CD is dedicated. Stan Ruffo contributes harp and sax to three tracks! As with most of Pacemaker's recordings, the majority of the CD was recorded at Pacifica Studios with Glenn Nishida. (In L.A., those in the know choose Pacifica).

A New Kind Of Blues

2007 - Los Angeles, California
Magnolia Gold Records - A New Kind Of Blues
Legendary songwriter, singer, DELANEY BRAMLETT has released to the world his brand new album called "A NEW KIND OF BLUES", and that is just what it is! The timing is perfect to be introducing "A NEW KIND OF BLUES" to a musical audience that is seeking something much deeper and meaningful than "American Idol" pop or the repetitive "no music" boring, downbeat of today's "hip-hop".

No Pork Tonight

2006 - Visalia, California
Sho' Nuff Records - No Pork Tonight (Mastering by: Stan Ruffo)
Offical release date - July 4, 2006
This is the long awaited release from British guitarist Martin Pugh, of Steamhammer fame, and his California harmonica sidekick, (for over a decade), Steamin' Stan Ruffo. This recording features eight tunes, each written by Martin or Stan and one tune authored by both artists, for a total of nine tracks. Each of the tunes are absolutely unique. From the very first note you know your're listening to two artists who understand where the other is coming from!
You can listen to and/or download individual tracks at  BANDCAMP

So Cal BBQ

2005 - Los Angeles, California
Independent Release - So Cal Barbeque (Mastering by: Stan Ruffo)
Bob "Pacemaker" Newham does it again! Only this time there are 17, (all but one are Newham penned), tracks featuring some of the most notorious bluesmen, not only from So Cal, from everywhere. Some of the names are familiar, such as Jr. Watson, Rick Holstrom, Zach Zunis, and Hank Van Sicle. And there are other players on this disc that are not household names, but rest assured every player on this disc is on top of their game. Guitarist, Martin Pugh contributes to one track and Stan Ruffo's sax is included on two other tracks! If you liked Tails From The Basin, you'll love this one!

Tails From The Basin

2002 - Los Angeles, California (Mastering by: Stan Ruffo)
Independent Release - Tales From The Basin
This CD, by Bob "Pacemaker" Newham, features 14 tracks of great, mostly original "traditional styled" tunes. Over the years, "Pace" has played with many of the genre's most outstanding players. Stace Newham (daughter), Henry Carvajal, San Pedro Slim, Rick Holmstrom, Jr. Watson, Martin Pugh, and Johnny Dyer are but a few of the guest artists that contribute to this fine recording. Stan Ruffo plays harp / sax on several tunes

Cryin And Screamin

2000 - Austin, Texas
Full Tilt Records - Cryin' And Screamin'
The CD features John Ussery in peak form, leading a skin-tight band, playing subtly wicked guitar, and singing his ass off. Stan Ruffo contributes harp on 7 of 10 tracks. Available now at

Blues On Tap - Volume One

1999 - Visalia, California (Mastering by: Stan Ruffo)
Sho'Nuff Records - Blues On Tap - Volume One
A compilation, of 19 tunes written by Stan Ruffo and members of The Instigators, bearing the name of Stan's former radio show, Blues On Tap. (Instigator, Hank Van Sickle is also a former John Mayall Bluesbreaker) You can listen to and/or download individual tracks at BANDCAMP

Destaster City Blues

1997 - Germany
Taxim Records - More Desaster City Blues
This CD features a collection of blues songs from Los Angeles, California. Stan Ruffo & The Instigators, find themselves in the company of such great artists as James Armstrong, Brenda Burns, & Barry Levenson. For information how to secure your copy of this fine German import, contact: Mercer Group, PO Box 2458, Toluca Lake, CA 91610

Santa Cruz Blues

1997 - Santa Cruz, California
Bluestraxx Records - Santa Cruz Blues
released the weekend of the 1997 Santa Cruz Blues Festival. 16 great Santa Cruz area bands offer their best. Stan Ruffo and The Instigators, offer the lowdown and dirty, greasy tune, Surfnet! Two instruments couldn't complement each other more than Martin Pugh's Guitar and Stan Ruffo's sax on this tune.

West Coast Wailers

1996 - The Netherlands
Double Trouble Records - West Coast Wailers
It features three original tunes from Steamin' Stan Ruffo, as well as 12 more tracks from west coast harmonica players, Mick Martin, Doug Jay, Chris "Hammer" Smith, and Dave Wellhausen!

Live At The Bastille

1993 - Visalia, California
Stan Ruffo Productions - Live At The Bastille
This very sought after CD was recorded live at Central California's premiere blues club, The Bastille in Hanford, CA, in July 1993 with special guests ZZAH. You can listen to and/or download individual tracks at BANDCAMP